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April 8th

Freedom of the City, Arras

During the First World War, the city was pretty much destroyed by bombs, but remarkably, was rebuilt exactly as it once had been. Canadian soldiers liberated Arras, and to this day, the people have never forgotten.

Robin and I staked out Camp Canada early, at 0930. Waiting.

Prior to the parade, the much-admired Chief Cote stopped by for a chat.

Air Command Band

Pipes and Drums

The Naval Guns

Hotel de Cite, Arras

Half of the Fanfare Team about to sound their clarion call.


Later that night, we find the inimitable David Jackson and Christian Thibault at the Easter Sunday dinner. Someone said that this structure was one of those used in the roundup of Jacques deMolay and other Knights Templar on that fateful Friday the thirteenth, 1307.

April 9th

Prior to the Rededication Ceremony, Vimy Ridge

RCMP on French mounts.

Andy jumping with a 75 lb. flag attached to his leg.

April 11th


On July 1st, 1916, over 800 Newfoundlanders went into battle. The next day, fewer than 70 men reported for duty.

The Danger Tree, now petrified.

More than 90 years later, somehow flowers manage to grow fom it.

Unbeknownst to the sheep, the former battlefields contain unexploded ordnance. Bucolic, not at all.



Friday the 13th, April

Boarding the train to Brugge with Michel, 'Patrivia', and Tessa.

Recce in Brugge with (clockwise) Kevin, Michel, Amity, Tessa, Pat, and Marshall.

Final muster, Mercure Hotel, Lille, France, April 15th

It was only a matter of time before Piglet and Bun, the two thugs,would manage to infiltrate the ranks. Not once, but twice. . . fuzzy little so-and-sos (the thugs, not the troops).

April 15th, Lille Airport

Corporal Kevin Kurschenska, my perfect bodyguard; a.k.a.: Kevlar, Axle-Hugger and Buttons.

Loved and respected by the troops, DSM Timothy Power.

"Work hard. Drink beer. HUA."

This is the fabled 'Lincoln' Jean found on the floor in the corridor in the hotel. Have you ever seen money taped to a door in a public place before? Neither have I. It was there for a day and a half. Canadian troops rock.


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